The klingt.collective is a new group drawn from the Vienna-based experimental music community, put together by dieb13 and anchored in the internet platform The ten members are active in various international and local music scenes spanning improvised music, sound art, pop music, free jazz, noise, contemporary music, and theater and film music. Most have played together in smaller collaborative constellations, including groups and projects such as Radian, TWIXT, Gustav & Band, Low Frequency Orchestra, Sonic Luz, and The Vegetable Orchestra.

The lineup includes:

Martin Brandlmayr – drums
Angelica Castello – electronics
dieb13 – turntables
Klaus Filip – ppooll
Susanna Gartmayer – (bass) clarinet
Noid Haberl – cello
Billy Roisz – electronics & bass
Martin Siewert – guitars & electronics
Oliver Stotz – guitars & electronics