CHESTERFIELD (Castello & Stangl)


Chesterfield was founded by AngĂ©lica CastellĂł und Burkhard Stangl in 2007. The Duo is active in field of composition (f.i. Tapes & Dreams with a commissioned video by Billy Roisz – premiered at Radar-Festival 2010 MĂ©xico D.F.), live-music to silent movies, improvisation, curating and cooking for nice people. Concerts in Europe and MĂ©xico. CD-release: wireless headphone concert live-recording, Olliwood Records 025, 2012, Vienna (limited edition).



Music to the film
“Le territoire des autres” 1970 BY François Bel
Jacqueline Fano (as Jacqueline Lecompte), Michel Fano, GĂ©rard Vienne
Live at CMMAS on July 7th 2013
Angélica Castelló: flauta de pico y medios electrónicos.
Burkhard Stangl: guitarra acĂșstica y medios electrĂłnicos.




chesterfield live at paraflows festival 2016
angélica castelló, paetzold, tapes, electronics, objects
burkhard stangl, guitars, bass guitar, electronics
recorded on september 23h 2016 by andreas stoiber
released for theoral nr 13