margaritaĀ“s stillleben theater (2013)

“MargaritaĀ“s Stillleben Theater” (kleylehof 2013)

old dolls, old radios, mp3 players …

a hanging-sounding doll installation.
floating, levitating, hanging…. happy feelings. Farewell.

to interact with a doll ā€“ as the doll namely, that being a dead object is considered to be alive ā€“ will have always aspects of alienation, transformation, disguise, mimicry.Ā  (Roger Caillois)

“MargaritaĀ“s Stillleben Theater” is inspired by the “Isla de las muƱecas” inā€Ø Xochimilco (Mexico)

(thanks a lot to Edgar Rivas, JuanjosƩ Rivas, Brenda Campuzano, Israel Dƭaz and Burkhard Stangl)