Electroaltar (2011 / 2012)

electroaltar (2011 / 2012)

angĂ©lica castellĂł: idea, composition, sounds, preparation, collecting, choreography, performance, worship…

a peephole through which one can look at the intimacy of a worshiper, pictures and sounds coming from unknown sources appear to an observer in an atmosphere of confusion: surrealist religion, praise of consumerism, mourning for the garbage, dances with lights made in china …

a garbage-installation/-performance

radios, cassettes, cables, records, computer, record player, old, destroyed, functional, waste, manure, evolution, progress, china, sound, catharsis. santisima electricidad!

electro altar @ odeon theater march 2012 (pic by noid)





















electro altar @ reheat 2011 pic ©lisbeth kovacic

electro altar @ art’s birthday 2012

electro altar @ blöde dritte mittwoch january 2012