ONE (2018)
For Buchla Modular-Synthesizer, tapes, radios and sampler
premiere 24.5.2018

F.W. (fantastische wesen) (2018)
For recorder orchestra and electronics
premiere 21.4.2018

F. Firefly (nothing) (2018)
Fixed media (release at interstellar records)

Serious Matters (fighting with things) (2017)
Fixed media 8 Channel, organ and drum
premiere 31.5.2018

Isla de Hornos (2017)
For small trashy instruments, four players and a stereo file
for the Pneuma Ensemble
dedicated to Nicolas Spencer, Paul Gründörfer and Diego Cortés
premiere 7.12.2017
festival Leicht über Linz

nolávoa (2017)
for string quartet and electronics
premiere 5.7.2017
commissioned by the styriarte festival

Heterocera (2017)
for string quarte and 10 cassette players
premiere 5.7.2017
commissioned by the styriarte festival

cuacochi II (2017)
Fixed media
for the Label upside down records
release 2018

hidden bugs (2017)
for amateur recorder orchestra and electronics
premiere on Mai 13th

mu//et/ (2016)
for 8 cassettes, 8 cassette players and 8 speakers
commissioned by l’audible festival
premiere on September 17th

Lepidóptero 1 & II (2016/2017)
fix media
for the Label Thalamos (release 2018)

Cuacochi I (2016)
For 9 players or 9 groups of players of any wind instruments plus at least 9 radios and 3 tubular bells
Dedicated to The Representative Wind Orchestra of the Lithuanian Ministry of the Interior.

Trois Chansons Tristes (2016) for 4 voices (SATB) and ensemble (V, Va, Vc, Kb, Kl, Fg, Pos, Perc.)
comisioned by the styriarte 2015 for the solistInnen des styriarte festspiel-orchesters
premiere on july 2016

La Sonrisa de Tamina (2015) 
for violin, viola, cello, contrabass and surprises
 comisioned by the styriarte 2015 for the solistInnen des styriarte festspiel-orchesters
premiere on july 2015

Adela Aurita II (2015)
 for subgreatbassrecorder, 15 radios and 2 cassette players
comisioned by the austrian narional radio Ö1
premiere june 14th 2015

Severina <oder das seeungeheuer> (2015)
for bass flute, bass clarinet, trombone, piano, violin, viola, cello and contrabass
composed for the Ensemble Reconsil
premiere on march 5th 2015

sonic blue (2013)
for subgreatbass paetzold recorder, tape, radios and electronics
commissioned by musikprotokoll festival
as a part of ecas – networking tomorrow’s art for an unknown future, working period 3 “ubiquitous art and music. art, sound and the everyday.”

Principio sin Título (2013)
for piano trio
commissioned by haydn piano trio eisenstadt
premiere on  june, 2013 in kaisersaal, esterhazy castle

Popocatépetl (2012)
for bassoon, clarinet,  piano and objects
premiere alte schmiede on16.5.2012
mein schlaf ist ins wasser gegangen (2012)
for soprano, mezzo-soprano, tenor, baritone, bass, crotales und stones
premiere on mai 5th. 2012 in klagenfurt

elektro anbeterin (2012)
for 1 performer, 4 Radios, 17 Cassette players, 1 record player, toys und different light sources.
UA am 1.3.2012 festival odeon musik iv

a journey into the mind of p.p. (2011)
for piano, paetzoldrecorders and electronics with tape
collective  composition (with subshrubs)
premiere musikprotokoll graz on 6.10.2011
commissioned by the festival

flor y cronopio (2011)
for recorders, clarinets and different objects (2 performers)
premiere at the ruprechstkkirche on 25.9.2011 (duo dos a dos)

la lenteur (2011)
for 3 female voices and 2 cellos
UA juli 2011, spiel festival

bestiario (2011)
collection of fix media pieces:
krikaya (2010)
la fontaine I (2010)
la fontaine II (2010)
lima (2009)
ksenia (2007)
louise (2008)
tombeau (2008)

adela aurita (2011)
fix media
commissioned by the ISCM Vienna for die lange nacht der neuen musik (gender bender)

insswasser (2010)
for mixed choir

le midi (2010)
for piano, 2 basspaetzoldrecorders and electronics
(für subshrubs)

Lamento (2010)
For the ensemble Bella Discordia, comisioned by the Trigonale Festival in Austria

Calle 23 (2010)
fix media piece live streamed from mexico city, to Topolo in italy

Tapes and dreams (2010) 40’
For guitar, subgreatbass paetzold recorder, 2 tapes, 2 portable casette players, video and electronics
(Together with Burkhard Stangl, video Billy Roisz)

Palomilla II (2009/2010) 15’
Version for string quartett and 10 portable casette players

Aqualung (2010) 3’
Together with  frufru (Maja Osojnik)

San antonio (2009) 3’

Palomilla (2009) 15’
For saxophon quartett und 10 portable casette players comisioned by and dedicated to danubia saxophone quartett
Premiere October 2009

Begegnungen (2009) 35’
For subgreatbass paetzold recorder, electronics and tape after working with the people living in the integrations home 1090 in vienna
Comisioned by the team from the room 1090, premiere 18.6. 2009

White (2009) 12’
Premiere MAK, March 2009
Together with  frufru (Maja Osojnik)

Las mujeres de Don Roberto Caballero (2009) 33’
For 2 hidden musicians and 2 amplified paetzold recorders, voices and diverse soundproducing objects.
both voices and the noisemachines that are the two paetzold instruments become one, so that the listener flies between this 2 sounding worlds
Premiere June 5th 2009, Ruprechtskirche, Lange nNcht der Kirchen

tombeau (2008) 10’
Comisioned by „Mandorla Records“  (Mexico)

Amalia (2008) 12’
Active “lazy” installation for two amplified paetzoldrecorders, 2 recorder players, 2 portable casette players.
For frufru
Premiere echoraum, Vienna June 2008

Mute-1 (2008) 5’
For prepared  piano, voices, electronics and tape for „subshrubs“
This piece was comisioned by and was the opening work of Kontraste Festival 2008

Alice (2008) 10’
For prepared piano, 2 paetzold recorders, electronics, tape and huge reverb for „subshrubs“
Comisioned by E-May Festival, with the friendly support of the City of Vienna

C’est un tamanoir  (2008) 12’
Premiere Aktionsradius Augarten
Together with  frufru (Maja Osojnik)

It’s a small world (2008) 40’
Premiere NuMusic Festival Norway, September 2008
Together with  frufru (Maja Osojnik)

Acapulco (2007) 7’
For 4 radios, amplified soprano recorder, tape und toys.
Premiere Echoraum, Vienna May 2007

Louise (2006-2007) 7’
For amplified subgreatbass paetzold recorder and much reverb
Premiere Echoraum, Vienna May 2007

Anette (2007) 6’
For voice and electronics
Premiere echoraum, Vienna May 2007

Ksenia (2007) 9’
Comisioned by „Chmafu Nocords“, Graz 2007
CD: damn! – freistil-samplerin #1, chmafu nocords

Some like it soft (2007) 29’
With Low Frequency Orchestra and Wolfgang Mitterer

Little  (2007) 45’
Together with  frufru (Maja Osojnik)

Auf diesem dunkelnden stern (2006) 45’
For tenor and contrabass recorder, electronics and recordplayers
with and about thext from ingeborg bachmann, work with the project theater vienna
Premiere Palais Palffy, Ingeborg Bachmann 80th Anniversaire, may 2008

Subshrubs no.1 (2006)  10’
10’, quartett for 2 amplified paetzold recorders, prepared piano and feedback electronics.
Premiere spetember 2006, amann studios vienna

Auto (2006) 34’
With  Los Autodisparadores (Katharina Klement, Thomas Grill)

Musique pour la mer de topolo (2005) 7’
For amplified contrabass paetzold recorder and tape
Composerd being Artist in Residence in Topolo, Italy

Sérénité (2005) 10’
For amplified subgreatbass paetzold recorder and tape (tape Bukhard Stangl)
Premiere in Theater am Spittelberg, Vienna August 2005

Cut (2004-2007)
Collective compositions with Low Frequency Orchestra

Vermessung (2004) 26’
Collective compositions with Los Autodisparadores
(Katharina Klement, Thomas Grill)

Ichtli (2004) 55’
For sopranino, soprano, tenor, subgreatbass recorders
(music for the theater piece “ichtli”)
Premiere kosmostheater, viena november 2004

Guliani  (2003) 20’
Amplified subgreatbass-recorder
Premiere October 2003 Fleischerei – projekt Theater Wien

Solo – 4 tableaux about loneliness (2003) 35’
For alto contrabass and subgreatbasspaetzold recorders and electronics
(music for the dance piece „solo, four tableaux about loneliness“)
Premiere Polycollege Stöbergasse Wien

Ma fin… (2002) 8’
For amplified metall e-recorder and tape
Comisioned by Jean Luc Boudreau