From Five To Seven
John Cage
OrganÂČ/ASLSP — 15th sound change!!
besides the very special and waited moment of the sound change (!!!) , there are several exhibitions.
my installation „Electroaltar for J.C.“ is part of the exhibition RAUM FÜR CAGE ‱ togheter with the artists Mary Bauermeister, Uwe Bressnik, Julius Deutschbauer,
Arnold Dreyblatt, Achim Freyer, Sabine Groschup, Pierre HĂ©bert, Barbara Klemm, Alexander Kluge/ Gerhard Richter, Kalle Aldis Laar, Roberto Paci DalĂł, Maurice van Tellingen, Kris Vleeschouwer, curated and designed by Georg Weckwerth
Cage-Haus, Am Kloster 1, D-38820 Halberstadt



Cilantro (CastellĂł/Roisz)
at DerBlödeDritteMittwoch #100


coming soon!
MĂ©tĂ©o Mulhouse Music Festival 2020 – 26.29.08 2020





















Das Kapital “Vive la France” – La Filature

Julien Desailly solo – tbc
Geoffroy Gesser Sextet – La Peuge en Mai – La Filature
Lise & Lisa – Parc Salvator
Bertrand Denzler & Antonin Gerbal – Parc Salvator

Ronan Courty “SynĂ©sthesia” – tbc
Yvan Étienne “MĂ©tĂ©ores” – Chapelle Saint-Jean
Trio NYX (Isabelle Duthoit / Sophie Agnel / Angelica Castello) – Motoco
nuits (StĂ©phane Clor / Émilie Skrijelj / Thomas Coquelet / Tom Malmendier) – Motoco

Kristalroll + Lise & Lisa – tbc
GĂ©sir (Camille Émaille / Jean-Luc Guionnet / Julien Desailly) – Église Sainte-GeneviĂšve
Micro-Waves (ErikM & Nathalie Forget) – Motoco
Luc Ex / Audrey Chen / DJ Illvibe – Motoco
Tapir (Brice Jeannin & Jeremy Ledda)

workshops : Audrey Chen / Antonin Gerbal – Conservatoire de Mulhouse




SPRING 2020!
confinement>corona>looking for new ways

Art Is a Guaranty of SanityLouise Bourgeois


NYX (isabelle duthoit – voice, clarinet, sophie agnel – piano, objects,  angĂ©lica castellĂł – paetzold, tapes, objects, sounds, assemblage) did a sound miniature per day during 59 days, each time a new beast, being together in sound!

3 cities, 3 mobile phones, playing and the same time but not together at 3 in the afternoon, not knowing what the others are playing.
then just putting all 3 recordings together, and change some volumes, some mixing and do some equalizing, no cutting: for the love of lo-fi, dogma and brut mixes !
inspiration is the fantastic little book of laure belhassen “femmes animales“ – bestiaire mĂ©taphorique. (Ă©ditions des grands champs)
thanks to: sistema nacional de creadores de el arte (snca / mexico)


2- i was participating with my piece „fighting with things“ at the fantastic hard disk museum:
talke your tame, take good earphones or speakers and wonder around!

3- dearest shilla > (s t r u m a + i o d i n e) asked some of us a few questions about our being and creating during confinement: insides

4- un-public corona con-fine cyber-session on saturday may 16th, 2020 connecting mariana sardon in vila do conde (portugal) {dictaphones}, angélica castelló in vienna (austria) {dictaphones}, e_rébus in bures-sur-yvette (france) {dictaphones}, har$ in montreuil (france) {dictaphones}, via discord voip.
#68 [ccc_3].

and here’s a short phonevid impression by rĂ©bus:

5- greatest billy roisz did this strong video during confinement
quarantine carousel – kffh 2020

6 – my only corona live stream
live from vienna – redirect la cupula galeria de arte cordoba argentina (was so nice to be connected!)

7- peter kollreider (hƓrwinkel) is making this beautiful podcasts
about listening
field recordings
and traveling with sound !
here one where i presented one of my recordings at the isla de hornos from 2017
they are all very very special ! (in german)

8 – recommending some radio shows coming up

about castello (and burke)

about stangl



******* 2019 ******

Working in 2 new compositions
both premiered in September 2019

Body / Music / Theater
Musiktheatertage Wien
Composition/Sound Design: Angélica Castelló
Choreography and spatial concept: Anna Knapp
choreography collaboration: Katharina Senk, light design: Joe Albrecht
Idea: Anna Knapp, Georg Steker

Ensemble Kwadrofonik
AngĂ©lica CastellĂł “Bodies of Noise” (2019)
For 2 pianos, two percussion sets, cassette players, radios and electronics

DE*CIVILIZE ME! (Anna Knapp)


Angélica Castelló is since 2019 member of The Sistema Nacional de Creadores de Arte (FONCA) in Mexico

© Gudinni Cortina


New release
Interstellar Records
Supernova volume IV

Angélica Castelló
F. Firefly (nothing) 2018
With recordings made in residencies in South Africa (Sonic Mmabolela) and South Chile (From North to South/From South to North).
Mastering: Martin Siewert
“F. Firefly (nothing)” is a piece which plays with time, time that stands still and then stretches longer and longer.
It is a connection of 2 very different poles on Earth.
It is an sonic thought about ephemerality, encounter and loss.
This piece is dedicated to Frans Meeir, a beautiful person I had the chance to meet at Sonic Mmabolela in South Africa in 2016 and who sadly passed away a year later.


Noche de Los Muertos »un-tape me«
a cooperation of institut5haus with wien modern and echoraum

Like every year on November 1st, institut 5haus, echoraum and for the second time wien modern will host the annual Electro-Improv-Night “Noche de los Muertos”.
This time, with the title “un-tape me” it will be curated by Mexican-born and Vienna-based AngĂ©lica CastellĂł and it promises to be a magnetic evening with all kinds of tapes and cassettes, obsolete machines and illustrious guests from Vienna, Glasgow, Marseille, Berlin, and more.

– Jerîme Noetinger / revox, tapes, electronics
– Mark Vernon / found dictaphone and reel to reel tapes
– Marta Zapparoli / tape recorders & reel to reel tape machine
– Wien Diesel feat. burlin mud (r.f. culbertson iii) / tapes
– AngĂ©lica CastellĂł / magnetic altar
curated by Angélica Castelló

© Mark Vernon / David Fulford


Constellations of the Audio-Machine in Mexico
Curated by: Carlos Prieto Acevedo

Constellations of the Audio-Machine in Mexico explores the history of sound in close dialogue with visual arts, literature, painting, cinema, dance, photography and anthropology from the beginning of the 20th century to the present. Throughout four subjects: The Indiofuturism, Cosmopolis of Mexico, The Monstrous and Emanations, the exhibition addresses the practice of different artists interested in building the national modern project guided by the utopian fantasies of the Mexican metropolis and the cosmopolitan dream in Latin America. The exhibition is comprised by paintings, photographs, archives, engravings, documents and projects by more than 30 visual and sound artists that have been fundamental for the history of sound in the country. A version of this exhibition was presented at the Transmediale Festival in Berlin in 2017 and for the first time it is exhibited in Mexico.






















Silver Altar at Klangspuren Festival 2018
concert /installation




Ars Electronica 2018 in cooperation with Anton Bruckner PrivatuniversitÀt

sonic saturday / music monday
me and my amazing coleagues presenting our pieces of last year, our work with the Ernst Krenek’s Buchla synthesizer and much more



Sonc Blue in Linz
sounds from elsewhere
Höhenrausch / Musikprotokoll 2018

sounds from elsewhere from musikprotokoll on Vimeo.

2 new releases on Mikroton Recordings





















Angélica Castelló & JérÎme Noetinger



















new release on upside down records
dos cuacochis

Cuacochi I
For 9 players or 9 groups of players of any wind instruments
plus at least 9 radios and 3 tubular bells
commissioned by DAR and AIR Krems for The Representative Wind Orchestra of the Lithuanian Ministry of the Interior
Live recording of the Premiere on August 26 2016 at the Vilnius Culture, Entertainment and Sports Palace, in Vilnius, Lithuania.

Cuacochi II (a mirror)
Composed, mixed and mastered in Vienna (2017)



Sérénité (2005) fresh on line
AngĂ©lica CastellĂł: Komposition, Paetzold Subgroßbassblockflöte
Burkhard Stangl: Komposition, Tonband
Catherine Ludwig: Fotografie, Video, Text


The Insects’ Christmas (1913) Wladyslaw Starewicz
An Homage sound
by Chesterfield
Angélica Castelló (Organ, field recordings, mix)
Burkhard Stangl (Organ) Vienna 2017


Impresions of Sonic Mmabolela 2016
A field recording residency in the Mmabolela Reserve,
Limpopo, South Africa.
workshop/residency organised by Francisco LĂłpez and Barbara Ellison
thanks Dieter Kovacic for helping on this video
Sound: Angélica Castelló



Noche de los muertos – proyecciones
Wednesday, 01. November 2017, 17:00
Sechshauserstraße 66
1050 Wien

Noche de los muertos © Greg Pope

The video and sound artist Billy Roisz invites a string of stars to a colourful Mexican film noir in your head in the 5haus institute – a veritable institution in Vienna’s electronics and improvisation scene.


Nina Garcia, E-Gitarre solo
Burkhard Stangl, E-Gitarre solo
Greg Pope, 16mm Projektoren, Elektronik
Oliver Stotz, Videoprojektionen, Gitarre, Bass, Synth, Stimme
Sabine Marte, Videoprojektionen, Gitarre, Bass, Synth, Stimme
Liz Allbee, Trompete, Stimme
Billy Roisz, Bass, Elektronik
Angélica Castelló, Patzold, Elektronik, Kasetten
Guro S. Moe, Bass, Stimme
dieb13, Turntables
Tony Buck, Schlagzeug

Kuratiert von Billy Roisz
Produktion i5haus,
Koproduktion Wien Modern und echoraum

Wien Modern


more info HERE


















Beautiful Book with CD !
theoral no. 13 – Konkrete Abstraktionen. GesprĂ€che mit AngĂ©lica CastellĂł und Burkhard Stangl

The THEORAL project is creating a collection of oral history of the creative music scene (improvised, experimental, new music, jazz, &c. music) which is at the same time – following Gilles Deleuze’ and FĂ©lix Guattari’s notion of the rhizome – open to all sides. We do not appear as authors, we act as a medium, as translators and filters. The artists tell their (hi)story themselves, because : “Who else 
 would be better suited to speak about this product than the the instrument through which it appears? Surely, if such highly creative music can come from such minds, the same minds can give some insight about it and themselves in relationship” (Henry Threadgill in George Lewis, A Power Stronger Than Itself).
















new release
Sound Canvas 2 | Compilation of sound art, minimal and experimental music
Digital Album/Compilation
Streaming + Download
Mikroton Digital


cilantro borderland – cd release concert @ BloederDritterMittwoch / rhiz / Vienna / April 2017



new release !
Cilantro(Angélica Castelló / Billy Roisz)
Release date: March 31, 2017.
cilnatro borderland






new work
mu//et/ (2016)
for 8 cassettes, 8 cassette players and 8 speakers
commissioned by l’audible festival
premiere on September 17th

L’AUDIBLE FESTIVALà L’ÉCHANGEUR et au LULL(Bagnolet)à partir de 14h#2






November 2016
sonic mmabolela residency workshop
mmabolela nature reserve
limpopo, south africa




December 2016
Kunstradio composition with
Cilantro (Angélica Castelló / Billy Roisz)

new work for 101 recorder players
premiere february 2017

new work for Platypus Ensemble Wien

working on new releases:
Chesterfield (Angélica Castelló/Burkhard Stangl)
JerÎme Noetinger/Angélica Castelló