Magnetic Islands (2017)

Magnetic Islands Ang├ęlica Castell├│, 2017 Audiovisual installation Woven tapestry made of cassette tape, a field recording composition for two customized radios Mexican composer and sound artist based in Vienna, Ang├ęlica Castell├│ reconfigures the sound and scenographic environments of religious and pagan traditions of altars that she has been exploring through the use of old radios and cassette players. For this exhibit, she has created a memory blanket, a shield to protect us from oblivion, made precisely of cassette tape, a magneto-phonic material. This flexible sculpture ÔÇôa sort of seaweed of woven tape- is made by the artist in clear reference to the idea of texture, textile, and magnetism. It refers to the immense patience required by the craft of weaving, essential to storytelling as well. The piece includes a sound composition that Castell├│ made with transformed field-recordings, radio waves and acoustic sounds amplified by two customized old radios. A sound emission of oceanic textures with an engrossing power that characterizes her beautiful and seductive work. Commissioned by Constellations of the Audio Machine in Mexico. (Text Carlos Prieto)

photos ┬ę Felix Blume

MAGNETIC ISLANDS from Ang├ęlica Castell├│ on Vimeo.